Current Teaching at AUB

Phil216: Political Philosophy

Phil320W: Graduate Tutorial: Liberalism and Multiculturalism

Office Hours: Tuesdays 2:30-4 and by appointment in 139 Fisk

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Teaching Experience

Teaching Fellow, NYU Shanghai

Global Perspectives on Society 31 and 32, Fall 2018 (syllabus)

Global Perspectives on Society 017 and 023, Fall 2017

Primary Instructor, with the Prison University Project

Introduction to Philosophy (co-taught with Melissa Fusco) Spring 2016 (syllabus)

Primary Instructor, at UC Berkeley

Ancient Philosophy Summer 2015, 2016, 2017 (syllabus)

Individual Morality and Social Justice, Summer 2014 (syllabus)

Graduate Student Instructor, at UC Berkeley

Moral Psychology (Kwong-loi Shun) Spring 2017

Political Philosophy (Veronique Munoz-Darde) Fall 2016, Fall 2013 

Philosophy of Perception (Michael Martin) Fall 2015

Ancient Philosophy (Klaus Corcilius)  Fall 2014 

Political Philosophy (Florian Grosser) Summer 2014 

Philosophical Methods (Seth Yalcin)  Spring 2014 

Aristotle (Klaus Corcilius)  Summer 2013 

Philosophy of Religion (Lara Buchak)  Spring 2013 

The Nature of Mind (John Campbell)  Fall 2012 ,Fall 2011 

Individual Morality and Social Justice (Jeremy Carey)  Summer 2012 

Early Modern Philosophy (Hannah Ginsborg)  Spring 2012 

Introduction to Logic (Michael Rieppel)  Summer 2011